Email Summit 2014

Schedule a Coaching Clinic

For the highest return on your MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014 investment, be sure to schedule a coaching clinic. It’s like spending a half hour with a top consultant to help you solve your most pressing email marketing challenges, except it’s free. At the coaching clinics you’ll receive:

  • Expert advice tailored to your specific needs
  • Fast answers to your email marketing questions
  • Absolutely no sales pitches, but if you want to discuss a platform or service, we can.

Join a Roundtable Discussion

Share your thoughts, garner ideas- and discover solutions with your peers in discussions moderated by industry experts and brand-side marketers. Each roundtable is limited to nine participants, so these fill up quickly. Sign up now and take advantage of:

  • The real-world insights of your peers
  • Intense focus on the email topics that are most important for your success
  • Practical, educational discussions with no sales pitches whatsoever